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Karen Philip (MChiro) – Chiropractor

Karen qualified from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Oxfordshire,  Karen is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (The UK’s governing body for Chiropractic).


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The techniques which Karen uses are gentle, specific and relatively un-invasive.  The technique Karen favours is Diversified, however he has also trained in McTimoney Technique, Koren Specific Technique and Massage. Karen likes to work along with the body, encouraging its natural self-healing capabilities.

Koren Specific Technique (KST)
This technique is an all body technique which is used to adjust restrictions in the joints, nervous system, muscles and surrounding soft tissue. We use a tool known as an Arthrostim to perform gentle and effective adjustments.

McTimoney Technique
This technique is a gentle, yet very effective technique. It involves adjusting by hand, performing light force adjustments to help realign the spine, mobilise joints and loosen tight muscles.

Diversified Technique
This technique looks to remove restrictions between the joints of the spine by performing gentle pulls, pushes and twists to the spine, helping to remove adhesions from between the spinal joints.  These type of adjustments can cause some mild clicking or popping of your joints, which is a perfectly natural process.

This technique is great for releasing overly tight and sensitive muscles, especially when they are too tender to the pressure of massage. Most will barely feel the needles but notice the difference almost immediately. Acupuncture is typically used alongside Chiropractic adjustments to compliment our care plan.

Neuromuscular Release Technique (NMR)
This technique is used to release deep muscle tension. NMR is different from ‘regular’ massage styles as it doesn’t only deal with the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues of the body, but it also helps to calm the nervous system. 

When not in the office Karen enjoys travelling, seeing friends, socialising, cycling and spending time with her daughter.

If you would like to book an appointment with Karen please call on 01243 913923 us or send an email by clicking here.

You can now book an appointment with Karen online, simply click the link below and check availability.

If you’re unsure whether Chiropractic treatment is the right option for you, then please come in for a free 20 minute consultation where we can discuss the reason for your visit, do a quick spine check and explain how we may be able to help. To book this free consultation please contact the clinic on 01243 913923.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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